Woodland Decor Coordinate Colors Home Interior

Nov 21st

The woodland decor is a color that allows many possibilities to match or coordinate colors in the decoration of your home. Green forest allows you to carry in other colors that occur naturally in wooded areas or fields. Another option is to applying analogous colors, bringing in shades of blue colors. The mix of green forest with white can keep a room looking cool. With green forest as its base color, you have many decoration options. The combination of tropical plants to complement a jungle theme can be very fun for children, as it gives them the opportunity to explore their notions of what a jungle really is. But, you do not have to go out and buy a lot of plants. Since many houseplants are actually tropical plants that grow inside the house.

If you borrow from nature, you will find natural yellows, oranges, rich reds and shades of brown tones common to any forest green scheme. Matching colors are those found in gardens, fields, forests or mountains where forest green is a predominantly natural color. The leaves, stones or shades of wood fall on logs of the various types of trees are the inspiration of color. More lively colors are used for woodland decor kids pieces for pillows or works of art. While browns and forest greens are dedicated to foundation pieces, such as floors and furniture. The similar colors of the green forest are colors that are next to each other in a professional color wheel. Shades of blue life next to Forest Green and several of the blues are effective when coordinated with the green forest. Midnight blue, blue sky or ocean shades using blue-green accent colors.

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All work well with a forest green base. The neutrals are mixing with a green and blue color scheme to offer a bit of balance. Brown or even off-white sand are neutral background colors, improving the greens and blues. Bring in peach tropical colors or golden yellow color splashes of accent color. Rainforests or jungles are know for their vivid colors and fragrant flowers. The addition of these to the theme of the jungle improves the overall appearance of the screen while activating the sense of smell, sight, and touch. Orchids, bromeliads, cyclamen and African violets add color and a jungle feeling different from your woodland themed home decor. Epifitas, or air plants, originated in the jungle. These unique plants do not require soil to thrive. The deer horn fern is a common air plant, but there are many others.

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