Tips for Using Antique Mirrors in Your Victorian Decor

Nov 21st

Antique mirrors can add a very special touch to Victorian decor you. Use lighting to create the illusion of space and add elements of warmth to the decoration. The mirror surface is reflective so using the right lighting in your room can create beautiful illuminations. Antique style mirrors help create the atmosphere of the room. Antique mirror glass is made by placing metal deposits into the glass. This method has been used since the 16th century. Over the years, it is not uncommon to find a little wearing surface. It’s okay because it adds a few characters. Here are tips for using antique mirrors in decorating your home:

Find your favorite artwork in the room. Can be paintings, sculptures, photographs or other types of art. Place your mirror on the opposite wall which will reflect the image and create an attractive room dynamics. To add to the depth of the room, paint one wall in burgundy or dark green, or other Victorian colors. Then take your antique mirror and hold it directly in the middle of the wall. If your room is on the dark side, hang your mirror near the window. Natural light will reflect the mirror and make the room brighter. Your Victoria entrance will look perfect with a decorative mirror on a corner table that holds a beautiful bouquet of flowers. Fresh is perfect but silk definitely works.

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The antique dining room looks great with a mirror on the sideboard. Not only will this finish the atmosphere it will make the room look bigger. If your room has a fireplace then place your mirror opposite to create a visual effect. And when the fireplace blinks you get an amazing effect. Consider grouping together several mirrors that are all different shapes and sizes to make the wall look focused. You can mix different styles and finish too. Create a sophisticated look or a shabby chic look. You can use a beautiful mirror in a Victorian style kitchen. Add a wall opposite your counter. Consider using more than one mirror to create a large effect.

Place your mirror on the furniture. This will immediately draw the eye from the furniture. Hang it on a table, cupboard, or even a sofa. If you have a bookcase with a height of half a wall hang your mirror on it, then place a candle on the top of the bookcase. When the candles are lit they will light up the light and flickering candles very romantic. Before you do anything you need to see your room and analyze where you will get the most benefits from your mirror. You also want to make sure the mirror corner doesn’t produce a scene that isn’t attractive or causes glare.

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