The Urban Decor Loft Decorating Style

Nov 21st

In short, the urban loft is a style of urban decor that creates the atmosphere and sensation of life in the city. This does not always mean creating hustle and bustle, heat and haze of the city, because this won’t be so good in your home. His busy life lags behind the front door because a house can be a form of calm escape from urban reality. However, when you look out the window, away from noise, the images that the city can produce are extraordinary. Whether it’s multi-color rugs made by street lights and car lights at night or the sun. That bounces from concrete buildings that hard creates intrigue of form and tone at dawn.

Like all interior designs, the concept of urban life is subjective and means different things to different people. And the images that are made can vary depending on the city where you live, but the basic concept remains constant. This style is about embracing metropolitan life and the energy created by the urban environment. Originating from reused spaces, such as old warehouses, offices, shops, and even steel mills and factories, it is now common for city dwellers to replicate this look in their more modern homes, usually apartments. In this case, there are several ways to design urban decor:

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Ironic really as a city does not know their open space, one of the main principles for creating an attic style space is to embrace an open plan life. At lower levels of the house especially, there must be limited solid walls, with rooms separated by furniture at different heights, different floors and wall coverings and even lighting. Every ‘space’ must flow into one, creating the illusion of space and intrigues that attract the eye and make you want to explore its depth.


Like the city skyline, your urban attic house must be layered and the sky is literally your limit. High ceilings create an atmosphere like walking along the streets of tall buildings; you are surrounded by furniture but are aware of the empty void that mimics the sky above. Skylight windows are not always possible, but they can be included in your design so they must definitely be considered because they will flood your home with natural light and create an endless ceiling that will add energy to space and make it appear bigger than that. Adding a layer to an open plan house helps to make the attraction of the city and can be easily achieved by adding a mezzanine floor, or rather the illusion of floating floors through the stair handlebar.

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