The Best Small Apartment Decor Ideas

Nov 21st

Small apartment decor with large custom pillows, customize standard, extra-large body pillows or for your sofa, living room, a couple area or an extra room. Choose the fabric you like, cut a little larger than the size of the pillow and sew three sides together. Use Velcro on a flap on the fourth side and have a great attractive, cheap and versatile custom pillow. Add tassels, rope moldings, sequins or any decoration that capture your fantasy. Make a pile of large pillows tied with a large satin ribbon for a corner of any room. A variation of custom large pillows is cheap, personalized puff furniture. Cut 3 circles of large diameter, three feet of thick fabric like denim, corduroy or canvas and sew the sides together, closing the last part open with a 12-inch zipper. Fill the tank with low cost pillows and closed zipper.

Fabric panel style for best small apartment decor ideas, customize any area with a cloth panel. Pull your favorite fabric over a wooden frame made by nailing or screwing four pieces of wood. Staple the fabric in the wood or eyelet frame of the fabric at three-inch intervals and tie it to the structure with cotton tape or rope. Then use the panel behind a headboard in the bedroom or as a wall hanging in the living room. Coordinate accessories such as lamps, pillows and vases with the colors on the cloth panel for an elegant design appearance. Also mirrors hang on the wall to make the room look bigger. Place opposite windows to attract and divert light throughout the apartment, making it look more spacious and airy.

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Use the windows as a way to add style to your space. Place low cost transparent curtain panels over the top of the vertical blinds. Use colored tablecloths the model of the second-hand store to dress up kitchen valances. Use panels from the ceiling curtain to the floor to dress up a blank wall or hide a reception area. Add drama to the room with two or three layers of curtains of romantic fabrics such as silks, satin and velvet. And install floating shelves around the room to provide bare walls with decor and offer more storage space. Use them to store books, candles or images, since you will not have enough space to place many tables. Also painting the walls, if allowed. The use of a light color to fix the walls will make the room seem more open. Choose pale yellow or creamy shades like sage, blue sky.

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