Terrarium Bearded Dragon Tank Decor

Nov 20th

Bearded dragon tank decor – The beard dragon is a common term used to refer to the seven species of lizards, native to the central Australian desert. These lizards are typically characterized by thorny dandruff on their throat and back of the head. The bearded dragon is a very fascinating animal. Which needs a terrarium made in order to guarantee the best quality of life possible. And that takes into account the discrete growth in length but also in height of these specimens. As with all saurians of this type, it will be necessary to provide a warmer area for the animal to thermo regulate.

And thus help its digestion (the so-called “basking ” point). However, not always choosing a terrarium of very large dimensions is a good idea. For example, for bearded dragon babies. It is not necessary to exaggerate, to facilitate the nourishment operations and to accustom them to human presence. To calculate the right dimensions, as always in these cases, the size of the adult animal must be taken as a reference. Excluding the tail. The width must be five times the length of the bearded dragon. The depth four times as much and the height three times much.

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Usually this species reaches 25 cm tail excluded. And about half a meter considering also the tail. For small children, however, a case with a size equal to half of those just mentioned is fine. Until they reach one year old, bearded dragons can also share the same terrarium (up to a maximum of three). The materials with which they are normally for bearded dragon terrarium are varied. Ranging from classical theca of wood and glass. To those-like aquarium entirely of glass (which is not recommend because of the bad parts of air). Up to those of the latest generation printed in plastic resin. Like Vision Cages. Naturally the terrarium is above all a micro-environment that must be as close as possible to the characteristics of the natural habitat of bearded dragons. Yeach, the arid Australian desert.

The percentage of humidity in the desert biotope that must created must therefore be very low. Since in those areas the rains are very rare. At the same time the temperatures must be rightly high. These to ensure the best possible well-being and the correct development of the sample over the years (about a dozen in captivity. If well bred, compared to 6-7 of the animal in its environment). You will have to faithfully recreate a desert biotope. With a low percentage of humidity, and high temperatures. So as to ensure an optimal condition for the welfare and development of the animals.

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