Making a Paper for Waterfall Decor

Nov 21st

Waterfall decor with water foil over a flat edge is elegant and soothing. If the water falls and splashes in a sink or slides down a vertical surface to disappear in a dust or pile of rocks, it creates an interesting synergy. Falling water as planned, not randomly spontaneous, is both a tribute to nature and a receipt that we are becoming strictly urban creatures. But less access to raw nature does not mean less desire to have the elements in our world, so build a foil of waterfalls for a table top, a living room wall or a patio and enjoy the music.


Start small. Build a tablecloth waterfall first decor and then expand your skills to more ambitious water features. Place the pump in the container and run the flexible clear water pipe and power cord over the back of the container. Fill the container approximately 1/3 full with smooth river stones or large stones that will conceal the pump. Place a Plexiglas sheet on a protected surface, facing downwards; the page that warns the newspaper or other protective cover becomes the default front. Apply liquid cement to the back of Plexiglas and place the opaque backing – tile, faux slate tabs. Allow the liquid to dry the cement according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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Place the Plexiglas disc with its dry backing in the container as close to the center as possible. Carefully work in stones or gravel and then fill the container to within ¾ inch of the top with the rest of the decorative stones to support Plexiglas and keep it upright. Fill the container with water and place the end of the water hose in a plastic bowl. Connect the pump to power, turn it on and make sure it is working properly. Empty the water in a plastic bowl back into the waterfall container decor. Glue a cork plug at the end of the tube. Use a nail to make holes along the front of the tube, close to where it rests on a Plexiglas disc. Twist a sharp knife point gently into the nail holes to enlarge them so that the water can flow freely. The holes should be about 1/8 to ¼ inch in diameter. Switch on the pump. Adjust for any splashes. Be sure to keep the container topped with water to avoid burning out the pump.

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Tips and warnings

Tiles or faux stone backing mask the water pipe from the transparency. If you prefer to see the work in the waterfall, jump that step and glue the hose directly to the transparent Plexiglas. Be sure to get a sturdy piece of Plexiglas, 1/4 to 1/2 inch thick at least, so it will remain stuck in the container.

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