Living Room In Movie Decor

Nov 20th

Movie decor – We cannot all have a theater space or room home theater dedicated inside the home. Whether for space budget or because we live in a rented house which we cannot structurally modify to our liking. Normally we use the room (now called the Living Room), which is the place of meetings with family and friends and there we watch television, a movie. And that’s where we usually listen to music. These are 7 tips that will help you convert your living room or any space, into a home theater.

First, invests in new LED luminaries that can be ” dimmed “. Better yet if they offer colors. The first thing you remember about a movie theater is that it is a dark place with a huge screen. It’s time to fix the lighting conditions in your living room. Remember that the light beam should never be directed towards the eyes of the viewer or towards the surface of the television. As it produces undesirable reflections. Second, buy dimmers. Lighting dimmers make a big difference. Furthermore, they not only generate the drama necessary to watch a movie. But they are a highly efficient way to save energy. It is essential to use recognized brands. The dimmers generics are harmful for luminaries and usually have constant failures that can ruin the experience.


Third, install blinds and curtains. In addition to granting a certain cinematographic aspect, they will help you control the amount of light that reaches the room. Even those that integrate blackout (the inner layer that completely blocks the light) work even better. If the budget allows it, it uses engines from brands like Creston. These to make the movements of blinds and curtains synchronized by controlling the system. Fourth, paint your living media room decor. Dark and neutral colors benefit the environment. It is not about painting your home in black, but there are colors that are even fashionable today. Such as burgundy red, navy blue or concrete gray. Fifth, buy the dreamed seats. The sofas or futons of your current stay move them to a bedroom.

Today it is possible to buy cinema seats at home. Home theater seats, reclining, spacious, with feet, cup holders and many of them with mechanical and / or electrical movement. They are finished in leather, vinyl or suede. They give you the unequivocal feeling that you are inside a real cinema.  Sixth, Decorate living movie room decor ideas like the cinema. Buy and frame posters of movies of the genre that most appeal to you. Use some luminaries as an accent towards the wall where you placed the posters. Last, invest a bit in acoustics. Without having to be an expert, try to obtain a balance between the “hard” (or reflective) and “soft” (or absorbent) surfaces of your space. Try to compensate with floor or wall mats. If you can, buy some acoustic panels of recognized brands.

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