Japanese Decor Elegant And Natural Atmosphere

Nov 20th

The japanese decor is elegant, simple, wide and restrained. You may not be able to own a traditional Japanese house, but you can incorporate some of the elements that contribute to the beauty of Japanese interiors in your own home. The “less is more” calmness will help you eliminate stress and give you joy, while you relax in the beauty of polished wood, natural fibers and fabrics, and beautiful plants. If you can manage to create an alcove, you will have a piece of Japan in your house. An alcove is just a small space on a wall or in a corner reserved for a beautiful screen. This could include a vase of flowers, a sculpture, a painting, a scroll on the wall, or some combination of these. In traditional Japanese houses, these screens change every so often or even in honor of special guests.

Shoji screens are the decoration element of the Japanese home par excellence. These wooden grilles, covered with paper, are used as doors, room dividers, and window blinds. Smaller shoji can serve as device covers or light bulb screens. More durable Shoji can be purchased than using a cloth or plastic instead of the traditional paper. Tatami is covering the usual floor in japanese interior decoration rooms. They are walking (no shoes!), And they sat on top of them in (under their futon). These fragrant rectangular mats have a core of rice straw, a cover made of woven rushes and a cloth edge. Japanese style can be express through smaller elements in your home. You could sew and hang Noren curtains, or pieces, on your doors and windows. Bamboo curtains for your windows are beautiful and the environment.

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As they are making from a renewable resource and keep warm in the summer. Learn some basic Japanese flower arranging, called ikebana. The arrangements of the pieces and elegant will be surprising in a hole or a table. Nothing seems more japanese decor ideas than a bonsai tree. You can learn to make your own, or buy one and learn to take care of it. Try to find a silk or cotton kimono for use as a dramatic tapestry, with its long sleeves outstretched. The fabrics used for the kimono are in every imaginable hue and pattern, so you should be able to find a color to improve the color scheme of your home. Antique kimono can be quite expensive, but modern ones are beautiful, too, and more reasonably priced. Arts and Crafts movement and artisan style houses were very influence by Japanese architecture and decoration.

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