Imaginative and Colorful Mickey Mouse Room Decor

Nov 20th

Mickey Mouse room decor – Musse Pigg is one of Disney’s most famous characters. The 1928 film, “Steamboat Willie”, vault this little mouse to fame, he remains a timeless cartoon series, whose popularity extends over generations. A Musse Spike-themed room has a variety of options, from all-out Mickey decor to subtle accent pieces. This type of room works well for all ages. From infants to adult fanatics. Musse Pigg-theme nursery schools as a nice atmosphere for a baby. Paint the walls a soothing color as light blue or green. Devote a wall to a mouse-themed mural imaginative mice in a colorful adventure with their friends. When it comes to curtains and crib bedding, use a Micky Mouse theme fabric. Patterns range from classic Musse Spikes to Baby Musse can be found.

Turn a simple black rocking chair into a Musse theme one by placing one mouse ear on each side. Above the bed is a wood hanging of the child’s name. And place a Musse Pigg wallet on each side. An older child who enjoys Disney can enjoy a Musse Spike bedroom. Since this is a very popular theme, you have some trouble finding accessories and furniture to fill the room. Use strong, clear colors as red in Mickey’s shorts or the yellow in his shoes. Avoid painting all walls a bright color, as this can be visually overwhelming. But do not be afraid to devote a wall to a bright color. Hang frame images from the Musical cartoons throughout the room. Make a mouse pad by cutting out a round headglue from a piece of plywood and lay your ears on it.

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Grind the wood and paint black. Buy a sheet and consolator listed in the Mickey Mouse theme. And place a mouse stuff animal on the bed to finish it. If your teenager can not get enough of classic Disney, there is no reason she can not enjoy a Musse-themed bedroom. For older children and teens, focus on a classic, sophisticated design. Paint the walls a pale color, e.g. Sky blue or lavender. Use dark wood furniture. On the walls, hang shelves to show vintage Musse keepsakes like a “Steamboat Willie” statue. Or classic Mickey Mouse Club ears. Hang black and white pictures of classic musical drawings place in black wood frames with white carpets throughout the room. Now we leave you with our images of mickey mouse room decor so you see that well stay in your home.

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