Good Ideas Interior Salon Decor

Nov 21st

How to salon decor, decorating the living room or the decoration of the dining room are often our priorities. And where we do not want to get confused or wrong. These are the rooms that we share all the components of the family, where we perform a lot of different activities. And also where we receive visits and friends. Which show much of us to others and where we need to find ourselves comfortable and happy. For all this it is necessary to follow some decoration rules that assure us success. And remember that if it is not a good economic time. Or we do not want to invest too much money in decoration, furniture and accessories. There are thousands of options that will give us great results. Even if our style is the finishing of a luxurious decoration.

One of the fundamental rules in salon decor is to take into account the characteristics of each room. And one of these characteristics is the size, its shape and the space available for it. When we are faced with the important task of creating the decoration of a small room we must. When the useful meters are not too many, we can not make the mistake, too common, of placing too many furniture. The result obtained would be a decoration of stressful environments. And we would depart notably from our initial objective. When space problems are serious. Or we want rooms with a very specific design, the option of ordering custom furniture can be the solution. Custom furniture makes the best use of space. Straight and simple lines are preferable.

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On the other hand, using dark salon decor and furniture is advisable only if we have a very bright room with high ceilings and clear walls. We must choose sofas with narrow arms, with depth of 90/95 cm. They are better than the armchairs. And the extendable sofas and chaise lounges are perfect. Another interesting option is the poufs that can be used as a table and seat . We can also save them easily when we do not need them. If we need to install several environments in the decoration of a small room it is important not to lose the feeling of spaciousness. The continuity of the floor of the designs of salons on one floor can be a success. But we do not have to give up the rugs to mark the different spaces. Although we should avoid the carpets of small rooms.

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