Glass Decor Dining Interior Design Ideas

Nov 20th

Glass decor top dining tables are like small windows in the creativity used to make the base. The glass provides an easy-to-clean surface, without splinters, and the base could be rescued from the attic, the container or in the garage. You can place a piece of glass on an existing table, but do not limit your imagination. Create a perfectly original masterpiece of dining that is a mealtime conversation topic as well. Partial and full glass tables provide a flat top surface like transparance. The delicacy, brightness, and transparency of the glass give a modern, elegant touch to the visual design of a room. Decorating with and around glass tables presents challenges and opportunities. When it comes to tying the texture of the glass with the rest of the decoration of your room. Take advantage of the translucent reflection of a glass table, by using it to show the lights.

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In the most basic, decorate the table with light decorations. Such as decorative lamps (such as lava lamps or salt lamps) or candle holders. For a more permanent fixation, or for seasonal decoration, connect the chain lights to the edge of the table. The transparency of the glass decoration ideas tables in an ideal selection for the times makes when you want both the aesthetics of a sculpture and the utility of a flat surface. Buy or build a glass table for which the legs or strut is a sculpture, abstract or recognizable. Common designs of this type include trolley wheels, large floating wooden trunks or simply non-traditional wooden struts. Such as curved panels of asymmetrical wood or shapes. Decorate the surface of the glass table using the complementary textures of small glass ornaments and containers.

Place glass vases, picture frames or small ornaments on the table or on surfaces near it. To keep this design from looking too messy with similar textures, add some contrasting materials to the mix. Such as flowers in a vase or a cloth runner between the table and glass ornaments. Tie the shiny glass surface of the table in the decoration of the room by arranging its position in relation to other decorative glass pieces surfaces. Items like mirrors, window panes and glass doors, and even glass shadowboxes or frames provide similar textures. Place this type of items in proximity to your glass table; Position them so that they are close enough to be seen in the same frame of vision. But spaced enough that you can see some of the reflective glass surfaces from wherever you are in the room.

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