Find Out Home Goods Wall Decor

Nov 20th

Home goods wall decor – Think of the walls of your house as a blank canvas. You have infinite possibilities to fill it to create something nice and personal. You do not have to limit yourself to putting the typical paintings. Nor stay in painting the walls of a beautiful color. You can also hang cool shelves, mirrors you make at home, posters, and garlands. And even put up vegetable walls. Wall decoration is an art! If you do not have enough succulents, you can put a complete wall. We put a very cool one in our office, using an artificial vertical garden of the Catral brand. Although it can be fixed directly, we put a methacrylate plate on the wall first. And then we set the vertical garden on it.

If, as it happens in Handfie, you are one of those people who want to put plants everywhere. Take a good look at this idea so that the succulents can climb your walls. With a geometric tray with borders, which you can buy in decoration stores like Tiger or make at home with a bit of wood, you can create a superchula vertical pot. To do this, you have to staple some chicken wire in the lower half of the tray. And, after it, geotextile mesh. Filled with substrate and, with the help of scissors. Go opening gaps in the mesh and placing the succulents. Idea to give color and a romantic touch to the walls. And very very easy. Buy artificial plastic and fabric flowers. And join them with a little hot glue creating a homemade garland like this. We love it!

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We love that idea to fill a wall completely. A lot of the typical folders with clip and pretty plates in each one of them. Hang them all, well aligned and all over the wall. And you will have a mural that you can change as you wish. You can put pictures, cool images, letters to create a message … Do you like Nordic-inspired decoration? This shelf with a perforated panel fits great in such an environment. The best of that idea is its versatility. Put the shelves you want, with a wooden board and circular strips, and decorate with all kinds of elements. The combination of the intense green of the plants and the light tone of the wood is very well. What do you think of this ideas? Check our gallery to inspire you!

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