Fancy Look Silver Home Decor

Nov 21st

The silver home decor tones become the perfect wild card to remodel our house this winter. Introducing them through small details we can achieve an ideal metallic effect to decorate our home during the coldest months of the year. If you want to give a sophisticated touch to your home. We propose you use the silver color as a resource. Undoubtedly, among the many ideas to decorate that exist. Using silver is present as one of the best effects to give a refine touch to any interior of the house. It can be use to a greater or lesser extent. If we dare, we can cover an entire room that completely surrounds the space (walls and ceilings). Or be more subtle and use it only in small doses (accessories and accessories).

If you are one of the first, try using wallpaper of this tonality. With prints that make it stand out more. Choose furniture with silver finish or restore the ones you already have and give it a patina to reconvert them. It also incorporates cushions, upholstery, curtains and carpets with details of this color. Although, in order not to saturate too much, we recommend combining all these elements with a touch of white or darker color. So as not to drive anyone who enters this room crazy. And if on the contrary you want to use this resource to decorate. But you do not want to spend, the formula you can use to get your glamorous environment is to apply the silver home decor finish in very specific places. Always in a couple of elements so that the space has coherence.

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For example, in the living room you can apply it to the upholstery of the sofa. And the armchairs or poufs in the company of the lamps in this set. Or in the frames of the paintings and on the cushions of the sofa. At the entrance of the house you can make a combination of the console and accessories that are on top (candles, boxes, vase of flowers, etc.). Inside the bedroom you can use silver home decor color in the headboard, in the blankets, sheets or cushions. And combine it with bedside tables, the carpets or the wallpaper of one or several walls. And of course, it can also be use in the bathroom. As you can see there are many ideas to decorate in silver, you just have to decide where to use it. To help you, we leave you a few decoration photos of the most inspiring.

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