Elegant Look Candle Holder Wall Decor

Nov 20th

Candle holder wall decor – Turning our house into an intimate and unique place may not be an easy task on many occasions. Each person seeks to give his personal touch to the spaces where he spends the most time, where he likes to relax and where, ultimately, he makes his life. The candles are one of the most decorative accessories manage to bring warmth to the environment. To do this, decoration experts bring you several ideas on how to decorate your home with a versatile glass candle holders. Without forgetting that our house also consists of outdoor areas for those who are lucky enough to have them. The glass candle holders are essential decorative elements on terraces, balconies or gardens to illuminate those hot summer nights. Likewise, they can also be perfect as part of a themed decoration. Take advantage of your glass candle holders also during Halloween!

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Glass candle holder wall decor provide great warmth. As well as a source of soft and intimate lighting in a garden. If they have a large size, you can use your glass candle holders as lanterns to light the way to the door. Next to a pool, the light reflected in candle holder and the water will cause a relaxing and romantic effect. Often, many of the products we buy are packaged in jars or glass bottles that make us sad to throw away. Because they present beautiful and careful designs. Many times we keep them without any purpose. We know that they will end up taking up space in the closet unnecessarily. But even so, we decided not to throw them away if we had any use to give them. It is time to take hold of these precious containers. And decorate them to become exclusive glass candle holders.

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Here are some ideas for recipients that you are sure to have at home and can recycle: Jars of yogurt: you’ve never known what to do with the typical glass jars of yogurt that we all love. Why not put some candles inside, tie a ribbon of some color on the top. And get elegant glass candle holder wall decor? Cups: it happens to everyone that, after a while. They have broken some pieces of glassware. And can not take it to the table because it has few equal cups. It’s time to redecorate those few glasses that you have left. Paint with spray or special glass paint the bases and place candles inside. The result will be ingenious glass candle holders.

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