Egyptian Home Decor: How To Apply It In Your Home

Nov 20th

Egyptian home decor – First things first, what is the Egyptian style? As the name implies, this type of decoration is inspired by the Egyptians. Therefore, it evokes a sense of antiquity, mysticism and elegance. This style can be part of any place in your house, from the outside to the bathroom. Everything depends on what you want to achieve. Likewise, it is characterized by having great conceptual neutrality. Which is concentrated in the adoration of the different gods of that time. The ideal of this decoration is that you feel like a pharaoh when entering your own house. Since the different decorative elements, mostly chests and vases simulate wealth.

The colors

Within the Egyptian decor ideas the colors that predominate are gold and black, considered as the primary colors. They are accompanied by pale colors such as earth, white and yellow tones. All this to create a contrast for at the same time a harmony that denotes elegance, and richness. From the walls, to the furniture, colors are a fundamental part of this type of decoration. So it is important to know how to combine them. Many people find it difficult to use yellow, it is not an easy color to handle, and we know it. That’s why, recommend that you only use it for your decorative elements, cushions, curtains, vases, dishes, among others. Place the elements that you use most in this place, so that you can have a unique space. Also, you can use the blue and red colors. But these should be only as complements and not as main colors.

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What type of Egyptian furniture can you use?

In this part many people often make mistakes. If your budget is high enough, then opt for fake leather furniture. But, it must be completely black, so that it can contrast with the rest of the decoration. You can also accent your furniture with the color gold and bronze. In the case of your wooden furniture, buy or paint the knobs of the drawers or doors. In addition, you can buy cushions that have an Egyptian motif. And thus give life to your black furniture. There are fabrics with hieroglyphic patterns that you can use for your pillows, quilts or cushions. And these give life to any space. Also, you can paint the vases with these colors and complement your decoration.

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