Dog Decor with Inspirations and Nature

Nov 20th

Dog decor lovers will appreciate the work of decorating their bedrooms around a dog theme. By making a nursery a place that he likes to be in, this can also help with the outdated problem of having a child to go to bed. Find a local mural artist who can paint a dog scene on one of the bedroom walls. A local art or interior student can welcome the experience of adding his portfolio, and do the job at very low cost. A colorful park scene featuring the child’s favorite breeds of dogs, or dog’s favorite cartoon, would be a great way to make the bedroom alive.


Fabrics with a dog theme can be used for bedding, curtains, throwing pillows, bags of beans and upholstery for chairs. Combine dog-patterned fabrics with oily fabrics and striped fabrics in the same color scale or complementary colors to match the room. Be sure to include a book as full of dog books. Find an old bookcase on a flea market and paint it in Dalmatian stains. Fill the shelves with dog classic from Lassie to Pluto, and add some dog ornaments from dog-shaped Piz vending machines to a dog-shaped savings bank.

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Plush toys

No dog-themed wall bedroom would be complete without a selection of plush dogs. Make a mobile from dog and leg shapes. Have the child cut pictures of dogs from newspapers and make a collage to the frame on the wall. Decorate walls and furniture with bag print with a stamp purchased from a craft shop. Find plaids and rugs in cheater’s fur fabrics. Decorate in nature’s characters with consistently earthy colors on walls and furniture, living green plants and to create a whole: posters with animals and nature. A harmonious style that gives calm to your home. Black and white paintings with animals are intense and give a nice head focus in a room.

Combine black and white posters with wildlife along with furniture and decorations in natural materials. Several black and white posters with leopard, lion and zebra together create a nice wallet. Bet on a more relaxed style with this painting on an alpaca in bright tones and a white background that harmonizes with other interior design in the room. Posters with animals welcome an interior style that feels both playful and stylish – dare to take turns in your furnishings while keeping a nice balance with other decorations.

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