Decorate Yellow Home Decor

Nov 21st

Yellow home decor – The first thing to do is to carefully choose the shade of yellow for painting the walls. The variety of this color is quite wide. In fact, it ranges from the delicate primrose color to the intense shades of ocher. Generally for the walls of the larger rooms it is advisable to opt for quite soft shades. Instead for small spaces you can decide for a stronger shade. In this way it is possible to give greater emphasis to a somewhat limited space. While you can choose to use firmer yellow for furnishing accessories such as vases, lamps or cushions.

A few years ago, yellow was used mainly in kitchens or in the hallways, and was not recommended in living rooms and bedrooms. Currently, the new European fashions that are inspired by Asian culture have instead reversed this trend. And consider the type of intense yellow (mustard yellow) perfect for the bedroom. The latter can be embellished with dark brown furniture. Yellow is a warm color par excellence. In fact, from grit and brightness to the room and maximizes the effect of the rays of the sun filtering in the room. Insert in the context of dark brown furniture and with a yellow salt and pepper marble shelf, they are ideal if the style set is on the classic. This type of finish yellow home decor ideas refers to the chest of drawers and the two bedside tables.

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For what concerns the furniture with this particular color, the choice and the possibility of use are wide for all the other rooms of the house. For this reason, for example, buying a chandelier or a piece of furniture with intense shades of yellow does not constrain the furnishing of the entire room. As it is very easy to combine. Among other things, yellow combines beautifully with the colors green, orange, gray and black. Because interesting and effective contrasts are achieved. With a little imagination, it is possible to indulge. And bring the yellow of the cushions to the red of the sofa or sofas and armchairs, alternating dark wooden tables with yellow marbles. Even plants with green leaves are ideal for optimizing furniture in an environment such as living rooms.

In the margin of this guide on how to decorate with yellow room decor, we talk about the kitchen and the bathroom. Both domestic environments can be completely covered with yellow tiles or alternated with white ones. As for the kitchen furniture, you can in this case opt for a light green (pea). Especially if you love the shabby chic style or the country. For the bathroom instead of white sanitary ware should buy them a light shade like green. As an alternative to the traditional color.

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