Cow Skull Decor in Home, You Dare?

Nov 20th

In our article today we have for you some ideas of cow skull decor so you can see how they look in unique house. Cow skulls are a decorative element in many homes. They are often hung on the walls and at the entrances to the southwest. However, hanging a cow skull in your house is not as simple as walking through the field and picking one up. Adequate preparation is needed to avoid odors. And insects can continue to live in the skull and infest your home. Place the head on a flat surface and remove the skin. Slide the blade through the skin. Making a cut in the center of the forehead. Peel the back of the skin towards the lower part of the skull using the knife to cut the flesh and tendons.

Place the cow skull decor in a large pot and cover it with water. Place the container on the burner and light it on medium heat. Allowing the water to warm slowly until it boils. Let the skull boil for at least three hours to separate the meat from the bone. Turn the pot and leave the skull in the water until it cools down enough to manipulate it. Put on your gloves and take the skull out of the water. Place it inside a garbage bag on your work surface. Take the loose meat away from the skull, placing it in the bag to facilitate cleaning. Scrape the remaining pieces of flesh and sinews from the skull with the back of the blade to avoid damaging it. Pour the hydrogen peroxide into a plastic container. And place the inside of the skull inside.

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Add enough water to completely cover the skull and close the container with the lid. The hydrogen peroxide helps to whiten the skull and makes it more pleasant. Even giving it a white shade, without damaging the bone. Add the skull into the solution for five days. Remove the cow skull decor from the peroxide. And move it to a sunny place outdoors for a week. Allows the cavities inside the skull to dry completely before use. The sun will also interact with the peroxide and finish the bleaching process. You can boil the inside of the skull. Or put it in an outdoor propane burner. Boiling meat can produce an annoying pungent odor. Do not use bleach to whiten the skull. The bleach is too powerful and can make holes through the bone.

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