Choosing Fish Decor Ideas

Nov 20th

Fish decor to give any room in your home a nautical or tropical style. Look for vibrant hued fish decorations to create an island vibe, or more subdued pieces for a casual and elegant beach-themed style. A fish decor theme is versatile in that it is gender neutral and can be customized to create a rustic or sophisticated look.

Tropical inspired bathroom

Give a bathroom a whimsical look using a tropical fish decor theme. The interior style will also add a pop of color to a boring, neutral-colored space. Hang a plastic or fabric shower curtain with bright tropical fish, sea horse, dolphin and coral-inspired designs of plastic or glass fish-shaped hooks. Choose beach towels tear complementary tropical colors, such as turquoise, yellow and lime green. For a charming look, improve the floor with a plush fish-shaped bath mat. Cover windows with natural bamboo blinds to complement the tropical look.

Nautical Living Room Style

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Decorations your living room with a charming house at the beach vibe using the nautical decor pieces. Improve a woven rattan or white rattan sofa and chair set with red, white and navy striped cotton pillows. Add heat with a red or navy blue blanket with fish designer. Use a rider, vintage seagull breast like a creative coffee table and top with a bowl filled with sea glass and fish patterned glass jams. Decorate walls with gold or silver images barometer-inspired bell and beach in casual whitewashed frames. Hang a fisherman’s net and improve it with decorative wood fish and sand dollars.

Whimsical children’s bedroom

Decorate a child’s bedroom a touch of imagination using a lively ocean theme. Paint a colorful wall painting with sea life like fish themed bathroom accessories, whales and lobster on an empty wall; you can also use a round and stick wall decal. Choose a bed quilt with live fish patterns and accent it with coordinating fish-shaped pillows. Customize the child’s agency and night stand by replacing the reason drawer draws hand-painted pottery fish inspired versions. As a creative project, the child has to make his own power switch includes the use of craft paint and fish-shaped stencils.

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Take Elisa buckets and use trash cans, newspaper holders or extra toilet paper in a bathroom. Make a lamp of an Elisa bucket by purchasing a floor lamp with a screw base. Drill a hole in the bottom of the Elisa bucket and screw the base of the lamp. Sitter Elisa bucket on top of the lamp socket and put the lamp back together. Hot-paste plush fish toys to the edge of the inside of the bucket where they can be seen. Glue bobbers to the lampshade for extra decoration. Wrap fish nets around images or reflect on the wall. Hang fish mounted on the walls.

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