Awesome African Home Decor Personal Style Ideas

Nov 27th

If you like the exotic and wild landscapes of Africa, in this idea we recommend african home decor. Its main characteristics are the natural materials, the warm colors, the animal prints and, of course, the ethnic decorative objects. If you have traveled to Africa, it is very possible that your landscapes have remained in your mind. And not only that, but you have also fallen in love with them. You have also been able to fall in love with this exotic place without traveling thanks to the documentaries and images that you have seen. One way to enjoy these landscapes is to decorate your home inspired by African decoration. African decoration can be really dynamic and creative. If you want to get this type of decoration, you should know that natural materials such as reeds, seeds, feathers, stones or straw predominate, among others.

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It is very common to decorate with trunks and dry branches. As for the colors, the warmth of the environment predominates. This will be achieve with earth tones, but also brown as they evoke the earth. You can also put a few strokes of green, orange, pink or ocher as they remind a lot of the savanna. To furnish your home, you will have to choose dark wood furniture. However, if you want to decorate your garden with a cheap african decor style, then choose the rattan furniture. Where you will have more variety to choose from will be in the decorative objects. Figurines, ceramics, masks or pieces of art can not miss. In African tribes, both wooden statuettes and masks are sacred objects. In our store, you will find magnificent imitations of these objects. They will be ideal in the living room.

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Another object that can not be missing is the african safari home decor baskets. We speak of wicker baskets that can be placed both on the floor and on the tables and even hung from the ceiling. If you choose to place a wicker basket as a centerpiece or in a corner of the home, put some dry branches or some pieces of wood to enhance its beauty. Nor can you miss the statues of animals. In this ideas, we have an elephant head wood carving made by hand. This object is designed to fix on the wall. We also have a floor lamp made of dried and treated tree trunks. It is a unique and original artisan piece. It combines perfectly with this decorative style. Strengthen the value of these objects by combining them with photographs of wild animals or African tribes.

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